SURF CITY GARAGE JAPAN,サーフシティガレージジャパン News!!

SURF CITY GARAGE JAPAN,サーフシティガレージジャパン News!!


Lightning Magazine – A Japanese compilation of the “Greatest American Garages” one may ever come across


2 months ago, a nice gentleman from Japan sent us an email asking if he could stop by our garage to take some photos of our collection. This is nothing out of the ordinary, so we said, “No problem, let’s just make an appointment and you can come on in!”

The gentleman came into our collection, snapped some photos and had excitement written across his face (like he had just found some buried treasure). He spoke very little English, and as you can imagine; the guys at Surf City haven’t exactly brushed up on their Japanese as of late. Needless to say, we did not communicate very well. After spending some time with him and giving him some background on all the cars, our visitor left the garage. Six weeks later, we get a high quality Japanese magazine with Surf City Garage’s collection on the cover! Our pal from Japan was a journalist for a Japanese magazine that featured American Garages. He called Surf City Garage “The American Dream Garage”. Below are some pictures from the magazine of the “American Dream”.


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We tried to interpret some of the text using Google translate, and here is the result:

“Speaking of the garage that housed Denaki American muscle cars and doing acupuncture. American eel prices are reviewed on a Yoshi Tadashi Shierubi mouth, and Mopar.ー dream vehicles, the cars here Zura. Morning sickness is the ultimate garage across the country.”

While we obviously need to work on our translating skills, we are glad to see our cars and products generate excitement in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and all over the world!

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