TOPアスリートからミュージシャン♪ B-BOYからは絶対の支持をいただいて来た アパレル ☆SUW WEAR☆
  With designer SUW at the core, SUWWEAR began in Los Angeles in 1997 with the concept of sportswear for urban city life. Based predominantly in America, promotion started in 1999. The label achieved moderate success on both the West and East coasts, however sales were temporarily stopped due to the break-up of the founding members. From this point on, the company’s activities focussed mainly on promotion through event sponsorship.
Then, in 2003, sales resumed in Japan. In the beginning it was limited to only event venues, but in 2004 SUWWEAR began selling its merchandise online. SUWWEAR continues to support events and in return has gained the support of B-Boys and B-Girls. In addition, SUWWEAR has also begun to approach a number of athletes.
SUWWEAR continues to push the envelope on creativity.

SUW represents: [ Sports ] [ Urban] [ World ]

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